Watermelon Mojitos

So for Mother's Day Bob got me the NINJA Kitchen System (As seen on TV!). I haven't taken the time to play with it until today. To say it is the most amazing blender is an understatement. Anyhow, one of the results was a Watermelon Limeade Slush, which after the kids had their fill, quickly became a Watermelon Mojito! So easy, you'll make them whenever you want a tasty drink!

1/2 of a cannonball size "seedless" watermelon, cubed.
2 c. of ice
1/4 c. frozen limeade concentrate

Blend the above ingredients until pulverized. Enjoy it this way, or read on for the mojito recipe!

1 c. of Bacardi Limon or Bacardi Silver Rum
10 mint leaves, torn.
club soda
lime wedges

Mix the rum, mint and watermelon puree. Pour over ice and add a splash of club soda and a lime wedge. Enjoy!