Crab and Shrimp Cakes

On New Years Eve the menu included roasted shrimp cocktail and king crab. Leftovers way too good to throw away. I stripped the crab legs and removed the tails from the shrimp, chopped it roughly and made amazing Crab and Shrimp Cakes. These are easy, tasty and such a treat. You can buy pasteurized lump crab meat from your local fish monger, or get a leg or two of King Crab and use that. I was very happy with the King Crab and the flavor and texture of the resulting cakes. Try these today!

 Crab and Shrimp Cakes

12oz. King Crab Meat, lightly chopped
12oz. Shrimp, cooked and chopped
1 sleeve "Club" or "Ritz" crackers, crushed into crumbs (I used my food processor)
2-3 green onions, green part only sliced thin
1/2 c. best quality mayonnaise
1 T Dijon mustard
1 T dry sherry

1 c. plain dry breadcrumbs
oil for frying

In a mixing bowl lightly toss together the crab, shrimp, crumbs and green onion. In a small separate bowl mix the mayo, mustard and 1 T sherry, add to the crab and shrimp mixture and toss lightly. You should be able to form a cake. If the mixture is too dry add a tablespoon or more of mayo. On a sheet tray lay out the breadcrumbs. For dinner size cakes use a 1/4 c. measure, scoop the mixture and form into a cake 3/4" thick. Place on the bread crumbs in the sheet tray. Do this until all the mixture is used up. You should get between 10 and 12 cakes. Turn the cakes over to lightly coat each side with crumbs. Place in refrigerator for at least one hour. Can be made the day before or frozen for later use.  In a frying pan heat 1/2" of oil to medium high. Add the crab cakes and cook for 2-3 minutes per side until golden brown and heated through. Serve with mustard sauce.

Mustard Sauce
3/4 c. mayonnaise
2 T Country Dijon mustard (add more if you like)
2 t honey

Mix together and serve with the crab cakes. This is also good with shrimp, chicken and any seafood. 

Note: These crab and shrimp cakes make great appetizers. Form them into mini cakes using 1 1/2 T. Fry til golden brown and serve immediately or allow to cool and reheat in a 350 degree oven for 10-15 minutes. Enjoy. Yes they can be frozen!