Tailgate Time - Pulled Pork Two Ways

Here it is folks, that time of year my husband pines for, Michigan Football! When it comes to tailgating, we are the best! He's the director, I'm the creator and all our friends show up with something! We have Direct TV, Tents, Cigars, a bar that puts some local pubs to shame AND amazing food! At 100 strong, the big games go off as smoothly as the small. I'll be posting ideas for tailgate foods throughout the season. Today is pork done two ways. BBQ pulled and Carnita Style. Enjoy! PS, invest in a real chafing dish! You can find full size ones at GFS marketplace and some other stores for $40 to $50. Much better than the disposable frames.

Pulled Pork Two Ways
(Feeds 10-15)

BBQ Style                                                    Carnita Style
1 Pork Shoulder, 5-6lbs                                1 Pork Shoulder, 5-6lbs
1/4 c brown sugar                                         1 pkg Taco seasoning
2 T yellow mustard                                       1 can diced tomatoes with green chiles
3 T Rib Rub                                                  1 bag frozen sliced peppers and onions
12 oz bottle of beer

Oven at 325 degrees.
BBQ - brush the pork with the mustard, then rub in the brown sugar and the rib rub. Place in a dutch oven and pour the beer around.

Carnita Style- Rub with taco seasoning and place in dutch oven. Add peppers and onions and tomatoes. If you like it spicy, add additional hot peppers.

Bake for 3-5 hours, until meat reaches 200 degrees and holds that temp for 15 minutes. You can also cook this in the crock pot.  Remove meat from oven and allow it to cool for 30 mins in its juices. Shred to pork. Place in a serving dish. For BBQ add 1/2c favorite BBQ sauce and enough of the roasting juices to keep moist. For Carnitas, drain off enough liquid so it isn't soupy, just moist. I serve the BBQ Pork on hot dog buns, (easy to walk and eat with) and the Carnitas with tortillas and shredded cabbage. Have a great game day! GO BLUE


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